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Private Key Authentication

DroidEdit supports private key authentication since version 1.5. This is still fairly new code and there is still no support for passphrase supported private keys. A lot of things have changed under the hood so be patient if things break and please use this post to share your experience with SFTP in this new version.

To use private key authentication copy your private key file (e.g. id_rsa) to the sdcard and then use the SFTP preferences screen to set the path to the private key file.


Featured on Noupe

Noupe has just given DroidEdit some attention as one of the 20+ Free Android Apps for a More Productive 2012:

For many web design and developers, being able to access and quickly modify source code from our mobile devices is the dream. Okay so maybe less of a dream, and more of a necessary evil at times. Rather than discovering the problem on a mobile device and waiting until you can access your computer, just being able to get the job done quick and easy. With DroidEdit Free that dream is brought within reach.

Remote Web Development using DroidEdit

A taste of what’s coming in the next release:

SFTP support

As of version 1.3, DroidEdit allows users to open and save files using SFTP. This feature is still in its early stages, so minor hiccups are expected. I hope you bear with us as we are trying hard to take DroidEdit to the next level.

Please contact us if you have any problem using SFTP. You can comment in this post or drop us an e-mail.

Documentation on how to use SFTP with DroidEdit can be found in the help page.

DroidEdit on AndroidCentral

DroidEdit got some attention from AndroidCentral:

DroidEdit is a free text editor for Android devices.  With syntax highlighting for many popular programming languages, and a very light look and feel (it really reminds me of nano, my favorite Unix editor), it is a great way to code on the go, especially with a Transformer or a Transformer Prime.  I’ve always thought that phones or tablets just aren’t designed for serious work, mostly because there are no tools designed to do any real work with them.  DroidEdit is a great first step in this direction, and will make your Android device (especially a tablet) a tool that can be productive as well as play games while you’re sitting in an airport or home on the couch.  It’s free (ad supported), and works on all devices running Android 2.1 or higher so there’s no real reason not to give it a try if you’re looking for an app to edit a bit of code.

Version 1.2

Version 1.2 brings some big changes:


  • New encodings (Eastern and Cyrillic)
  • A complete revamp of theme manager.
  • New themes (unfortunately you’ll have to choose a new one).
  • Better icons for small screens.
  • Hack to solve problem when clicking to change cursor location using virtual keyboard (a problem that plagues most android apps). You can turn it off in the preferences if you run into any problems.
  • Other minor improvements.

Version 1.1.1

With version 1.1.1 you can now share your documents with other services, like dropbox, email and ftp applications, directly from droidedit. You can also choose another character encoding besides the default when opening files from an external application. A link to the help page has been added to the preferences screen.