SFTP support

As of version 1.3, DroidEdit allows users to open and save files using SFTP. This feature is still in its early stages, so minor hiccups are expected. I hope you bear with us as we are trying hard to take DroidEdit to the next level.

Please contact us if you have any problem using SFTP. You can comment in this post or drop us an e-mail.

Documentation on how to use SFTP with DroidEdit can be found in the help page.


32 responses to “SFTP support”

  1. Stelios says :

    Althouh a very nice idea I just upgraded and had my first issues. My settings are correct (used 2-3 different servers) and could not connect. Every time I test the connection it fails.

  2. aaloy says :

    I´ve just purchased the application. As other people I’d prefer to type the password each time I have to access to the server before having to store it in plain text.

  3. aaloy says :

    The new sftp password works great, but I have problems uploading files from the remote server. It just says “unable to download file”.
    On the other hand it seems there is some kind of caching on the file list, as the saved file does not appear in the remote server file list once you have saved the file. I have verified that the file is there, so is saved.

    • Stelios says :

      Nice update. Now I can use DroidEdit without worrying about my passwords. Is it possible to also get syntax highlighting while scrolling? Its helpful when scrolling to try and find some parts of your code.

      • droidedit says :

        Android’s EditText widget becomes extremely slow if we use lots of styling. Doing syntax highlighting for a small portion of the screen at a time was the only way I could get syntax highlighting working for larger files. I don’t see that changing anytime soon but I might find an answer.

    • droidedit says :

      I can’t reproduce any of those problems :-/ I never had a problem getting the file from the remote server and there is no cache in the file listing. I’ll try figuring out what’s going on later.

    • droidedit says :

      Besides forcing a communication failure or giving the wrong password I cannot reproduce a “unable to download file” error. Does it happen all the time?

      The file not appearing in the remote server is even stranger. I’m totally sure there is no file list cache in DroidEdit but I can’t think of any other reason for that to happen. Please tell me if you keep having those problems.

  4. cest moi says :

    Very good program. Have bought it 😀

    But it would be important to me having the possibility to set the port-number for sftp.

    Thanx a lot!

  5. aaloy says :

    sftp is working for me. When I try to edit a file and I have to go to a different folder it moves me to .ssh one. I’m on a tablet and using a per session password. Tested on different servers.

    • droidedit says :

      Some people have been complaining about having problems changing folders. I never encountered that problem myself but I just uploaded a new version that uses a different set of cryptographic functions that might solve some SFTP problems. Apparently Android’s internal implementation of the crypto functions is crippled.

      • Rimu Atkinson says :

        I am having problems changing folders – I can change folders a couple of times, then it just says “unknown error” when I try to change. I’m using an Asus Transformer – Android 3.2.1

        • droidedit says :

          That’s strange. I’m assuming you’re talking about SFTP. It might be some kind of connectivity problem. I’ll try to make the file browser more robust in case of errors in the next version (i.e. at least giving an error but not exiting the browser interface so one can try again).

        • travellingrimu says :

          Thanks for your reply. Yes, I’m using SFTP

          As long as I only browse folders with lower case names, all is well. But when I try to change into a folder/directory with capitals in it’s name, the “unknown error” message is displayed and the current directory does not change.

        • droidedit says :

          What SSH server are you using? I can’t reproduce that error with my setup.

        • travellingrimu says :

          Whatever the default SSH server is on Debian. OpenSSH?

    • droidedit says :

      The last update should solve SFTP problems with Honeycomb.

  6. Jeremy says :

    Do you have any plans on supporting a standard FTP connection?

  7. Kevin says :

    I really would love it when FTP support will come. The company that is hosting my website isn’t supporting SFTP, only FTPS. Normal FTP would make this app REALLY great.

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