Private Key Authentication

DroidEdit supports private key authentication since version 1.5. This is still fairly new code and there is still no support for passphrase supported private keys. A lot of things have changed under the hood so be patient if things break and please use this post to share your experience with SFTP in this new version.

To use private key authentication copy your private key file (e.g. id_rsa) to the sdcard and then use the SFTP preferences screen to set the path to the private key file.


6 responses to “Private Key Authentication”

  1. Michael says :

    I would like to connect to my site using a passive ftp connection. Whae I put my details in under new sftp connection and tap the test button, it turns grey and nothing happens. How can I correct my settings to connect to the server? Thanks for a nice editor.

    • droidedit says :


      SFTP and FTP are two completely different beasts. FTP is still not supported by DroidEdit although I’m planning on implementing it in the future.

  2. Laurent Debacker says :

    On the video of Google Play, I see the connection to the SSH server is reopened everytime you save or execute a command. Could you implement a connection pool, with automatic reconnection? Would be wonderful! Thx

  3. akagroundhog says :

    Is there still no support for passphrase supported private keys? Do you plan to implement it?

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