Change Syntax Highlighter

Since version 1.8 you can select the syntax for the current document by long pressing in the editor pane. You can also set a syntax highlighter as default for a certain file extension.


6 responses to “Change Syntax Highlighter”

  1. dan says :

    Any chance you’ll add cold fusion support?

  2. Denis says :

    I don’t like the syntax selection by long hold. I don’t use it at all. Because it can be obtained from the file extension otherwise I could select it from more complex menu, it’s not so frequent action. Copy and paste are more frequent and it will be better to bind this actions to long hold.

  3. Joshua Carroll says :

    Possible support for custom user defined syntax highlighting in the future? Other than that i’m pretty impressed with the app so far :-)! Keep up the great work!

    • droidedit says :

      Not at the moment. Syntax files are complex jflex files that must be compiled into java to be run. I might add a simplified and customizable syntax mode in the future.

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