Running External Commands

Version 1.9 of DroidEdit Pro allows you to run external commands through your SSH connection. These external commands will run on your server. With this new functionality you can do a number of cool things directly from DroidEdit:

  • Compile your code
  • Run your code
  • Convert LaTeX files to PDF
  • Apply a filter to your text

In this short video you can see some external commands in use:

  • Compile a C++ program – g++ ${file} -o ${name}
  • Run the compiled code – ./${name} ${number_1} ${number_2}
  • Capitalize a file – cat {$file} | tr [a-z] [A-Z]

As you can see, you can even pass parameters to the command. ${file}, ${name} and ${path} are reserved parameters that are replaced by the current file name, name without extension and path but you can create your own parameters that will be asked before execution.

Hope you enjoy this. Feel free to share your external commands in the comments and report any bugs.

By the way, version 1.9 also supports private keys protected with a passphrase.


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