Action Bar in ICS and Honeycomb

New ActionBar menu in ICS and Honeycomb coming soon. I think it looks specially nice in tablets. There will be an option to fallback to the old style menu. Share your opinions in the comments section.



2 responses to “Action Bar in ICS and Honeycomb”

  1. Alex says :

    I like the new menu, it’s much more intuitive.

    There is a problem with the app on my Asus Transformer Prime though. As soon as a document contains more than a couple of paragraphs the typing gets horribly laggy. Say I open a 12K .tex file and try to write the word “testing”. I type the word on the keyboard and then watch it appear slowly letter by letter on the screen. This happens even with the syntax highlighting and line wrapping turned off.

    Still, this app seems to be exactly what I need, so I bought the Pro version anyway. I hope you fix the lag problem eventually.

    • droidedit says :

      My Transformer Prime arrived last week so I finally got to test DroidEdit on a real ICS unit. The first thing I noticed was that it was slower than in my phone (which has ridiculous specs compared to the Prime). I’ve been trying to fix this issue for some days and I think I finally nailed it. The last update (1.11.0) should be much faster on ICS. Could you please report back if it works for you too?

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