FTP Support

Finally. FTP support landed in the latest version (1.14.1).


7 responses to “FTP Support”

  1. Tr3yV1 says :

    wow your my hero i paid the pro today xD

  2. Kevin says :

    Really nice! Glad it finally got FTP.

  3. Michael R Varn says :

    Just getting it started, but my learning curve is accelerating as fast as Mhore’s law

  4. Tyrone says :


    Your product is great use it all the time (Pro version). I have been having problem connecting to FTP while on Mobile Data. It seems that I need to connect via “Active” Mode not “Passive”.

    Changing this setting on other FTP programs seems to work. Is there a way to change this mode setting on DroidEdit??


  5. Josh says :

    Recent update to 1.17.1 broke standard FTP with user name/password. Will connect and view files but editing no longer passes user account info so ‘invalid permissions” returned. Sftp mode connects correctly on both and send username correctly.

    • droidedit says :

      The problem was reported as a permissions problem but it was related to something else. A new version was just uploaded to the Play Store that should correct the problem.

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