You can get DroidEdit from the Android Market


8 responses to “Download”

  1. christian silva says :

    I have a question…..
    This app is just to edit…….so i can execute programs which i made in this …..for example a program in c++…….. or only watch the code?…….
    Thans for u attention…..
    I have droid edit free version

    • droidedit says :

      In the pro version you can connect to a SFTP server (not FTP) and execute external commands there. This allows you to run any command line tools you need to compile and run code.

  2. flashlab says :

    Hi! Wanderful app:) can you please add chinese encoding support? Then I will love it more. It’s so bad that I can’t buy it in my country:(

  3. Ronaldo Hoch says :

    It have syntax highlighting to PHP to?

  4. Roman says :

    Will FTP connection be available?

  5. Roland Hegedus says :

    Please give us the chance to reorganise the open/save file dialog (eg. i want ftp on the first place of the menu) .

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