What’s the difference between the paid and free versions?

The free version is ad supported and lacks SFTP/FTP/Dropbox support. The two versions are exactly the same in every other aspect.

I’m trying to edit a file but some characters appear garbled. What can I do?

Try selecting a different character encoding when opening the file. To do this, long press the open document icon and a list with possible character encodings will appear after you select the document to be opened.

What languages and file extensions are supported?

  • Assembly X86 – *.asm
  • C – *.cc, *.c and *.h
  • C++ – *.cpp and *.hpp
  • HTML – *.html and *.tpl (smarty)
  • CSS – *.css
  • Java – *java
  • Python – *.py
  • Ruby – *.rb
  • Perl – *.pl, *.pm
  • C# – *.cs
  • Lua – *.lua
  • SQL – *.sql
  • Javascript – *.js
  • JavaServer Pages – *.jsp
  • Groovy – *.groovy
  • PHP – *.php
  • XML – *.xml
  • Pascal/Delphi – *.pas
  • LaTeX – *.tex
  • Lisp – *.lisp and *.lsp

I’m using one of those languages but with a different file extension. Can I force DroidEdit to use a syntax highlighting scheme?

You can long press on the editor to select a different syntax highlighter. You can also assign a syntax highlighter to a file extension permanently.

My favorite language is not included. Can you add it?

E-mail us and will try to add. No promises…


89 responses to “FAQ”

  1. Torsten says :

    Any chance that DroidEdit will have autocomplete functions (suggesting function names after entering 2-3 characters of a function name) at some time? To be honest, it’s hard to imagine coding without that kind help by now 🙂

  2. Mark says :

    Any plans for word/line wrap? How about bracket/brace matching?

  3. Martin Trasteby says :

    Opening files directly from Dropbox does not seem to work with new version of Dropbox.

  4. Marco says :

    Just bought DroidEdit and I am encountering a strange issue with SFTP connections. Setting an initial folder works and I can see all corresponding files. As soon as I click on any directory my home directory on that server is shown. It does not matter which dir entry I am choosing) … it always defaults back to the home directory of that user. Any ideas?
    Thanks for this great app!

    • droidedit says :

      Hi Marco,

      Some people have been complaining about having problems changing folders. I never encountered that problem myself but I just uploaded a new version that uses a different set of cryptographic functions that might solve some SFTP problems. Apparently Android’s internal implementation of the crypto functions is crippled.

      • Marco says :

        Thanks for the quick feedback. Unfortunately, using the latest version I am still experiencing the same issues. Let me know, if there’s anything I can do to assist you in pinpointing this bug (maybe a debug version of droidedit or fetching some log excerpts).
        Happy New Year! 🙂

  5. frank W says :


    first thank you for providing such a great app !

    one question :
    what is the maximum lines, or max file size, supported by droidEdit?

    thanks !

  6. Josef Vybíral (@corneliuscz) says :

    Hi, do you consider allowing Droidedit to be installed to SD card in the future?
    It works perfectly on Galaxy Ace but having a 4MB app in the phone memory is not very efficient. Cheers.

  7. Joey says :

    Awesome product. Any plans on supporting ASP.NET file formats (at least .aspx)?

  8. Pavel says :

    Are there plans for a tablet optimized version soon?

    • Pavel says :

      And a few more feature requests/ideas:
      – remember last used folder in SFTP
      – support for CTRL+left/right arrows to skip one word (I’ve been using it on the Transformer)
      – more options for highlighting (strings, numbers etc)
      – to be clear about tablet optimized version: bigger buttons, bigger sidebar/bottom bar, bigger fonts in file picker, bigger default font if it detects a tablet
      – close button next to each file (with confirmation of course)

    • droidedit says :


      Thanks for your suggestions. Most of those features are already planned but there isn’t a scheduled date yet for any of them.

      – Last used folder in SFTP (planned)
      – CTRL+left/right (planned)
      – More options for highlighting (I don’t get this one. It already highlights literals = strings and numbers)
      – Tablet optimized version (planned)
      – Close button next to each file (it will be probable swipe to close – with confirmation)

  9. Aaron says :

    Would it be possible as a future option to allow for the sending of commands through the SSH? My idea is that after opening a LaTeX file on my computer over the sftp, one could then send a command to compile.

    • droidedit says :

      I already had thought about that but I’m not sure what’s the best way to integrate such a functionality into the user interface. But it’s something that might be implemented in the future.

    • droidedit says :

      You’ll be happy to know that a new version will be release with this functionality very soon. I’m just finishing writing documentation for it 🙂

      • Aaron says :

        Thank you so much. I work as a mathematician reforming US disability policies in an attempt to make life easier on the terminally ill, and needless to say this does not pay that much. With the ability to send comments through the SSH, my phone is now a free Latex, Octave, and Mathematical compiler. Thank you very much.

  10. ivan says :

    Thxfor the app, why. I cannot select words?

  11. Johnetta says :

    Regarding selecting text, I’ve downloaded the latest version and cannot find how to select,cut,copy and paste words, lines or blocks of text. Otherwise, I love the app. Also, are the any plans to support PL/SQL syntax highlighting.

    • droidedit says :

      You should be able to select text just like in any other android app. Which android version are you using?

      Currently we do not have plans for PL/SQL syntax but your request has been noted and we do include new syntaxes every now and then.

      • Johnetta says :

        Thanks for your reply. I’m on a transformer prime running ICS. I finally got it to work by double clicking on a word. The text selection is very sporadic, jumping the cursor around the page.

        • droidedit says :

          There is an option to turn off what I call the “cursor position hack” in preferences. Can you please try turning it off and see if it makes any difference?

          That hack is there to solve an Android bug where clicking on an unfocused text box would revert the cursor to its previous position. I don’t have an ICS device with me right now so I can’t test it but I’m guessing the bug is no longer there and that may cause some problems.

  12. Johnetta says :

    I tried what you suggested. Performance was a little better but not by much. When compared with jota the movement is very jerky and laggy. Maybe there is some interference with the magnifying window.

  13. Tom says :

    I have successfully been able to indent a block by selecting it and then pressing TAB.

    But how do I un-indent a block (move to the left) ? I tried Shift-TAB but that did not work.


  14. Tom says :

    I have following suggestions:
    – duplicate line
    – goto line number
    – insert code snippets
    – use spaces instead of tabs for indent
    – set tab size (e.g. 3 spaces)


  15. Mel says :

    Any way to change to a slshed zero font like Consolas on windoze?

  16. Jose IVan Suazo says :

    i have the pro version(paid) and, i need the copy and paste function, the news updates disable this, put a option on preference that change this option, when i need copy a piece of text a one popup apprise say “Change sintaxis”, i not need this …

  17. Gail says :

    Can you give me examples(Syntax) of what to put in for SFTP setup for the following variables:
    Server Name
    Server Address
    Username – This one is obvious
    Password – This one is obvious
    Server Port
    Initial Folder
    Base URL

    I have done FTP, but SFTP is not connecting
    Sorry I’m a Newby

    • droidedit says :

      Server Name – For identification purposes. You can give any name like Home or Work…
      Server Address – The server IP address. For example: or http://ftp.example.com
      Server Port – Just leave blank for default server port
      Initial Folder – Where you will like to start browsing your files. Leave blank for home directory.
      Base URL – Just for previewing files in browser if you are a web developer. Leave blank if not needed.

      Are you sure you’re connecting to a SFTP server?

  18. jason clements says :

    I have following suggestions:
    Be able to open supported syntax file extesions from email apps.
    I can open pdfs from email or a download folder without going to adobe app
    Example .sql on an email attachment

    insert code snippets
    Example ssf= select * from

    Pro user

    • droidedit says :

      Opening files from email should be working. Unless the e-mail application doesn’t recognize the file as being text for some reason.

      Code snippets are on my todo list.

      • Jason Clements says :

        Opening *.sql, *.css, or .java file in email or does it need to *.txt for droidedit app to recognized the file type?

        When I have a *.pdf as an attachment and click on the attachment the Adobe Reader app opens and was wondering if droidedit would be able to do the same. If you have email address I can email you a screen shot.

        Good to hear about the snippets, will be a great add on.

        • droidedit says :

          I see what you mean. Right now DroidEdit opens any file that is recognized as being text. For some reason .sql files are not. I’m going to add manually all extensions that are recognized by default to the manifest file and it should work.

      • jason clements says :

        Should the manifest be fixed for.sql with the new version?

  19. 0utof1ine says :

    This is a great app so I purchased. But sadly my web server does not support SFTP so I have to take the trouble and find some workaround. It will be good if FTP remote will be implemented in near future.

    Thanks anyway.

  20. 0utof1ine says :

    Great app. I purchased. Sadly my web servers do not support SFTP. The app will rock if FTP is supported. When will this be implemented?


  21. bigstones84 says :

    will you add support to svn (and the like)? I understand that this is an editor and not an IDE, so it might be “too much”. right now I’m using another app to do svn synchronization, but… I’d prefer if YOU make one 🙂

    also, when the screen turns off the text scroll is reset back to the top, that’s quite annoying (TF101).

    and one last thing: why text highlighting needs to be redrawn at every scroll? I might be pedantic but it kind of distract me.

    great app anyway 🙂

    • droidedit says :

      – SVN is not planned at the moment.
      – I’ll try to confirm and fix the bug where the text scrolls to the top.
      – Text Highlighting is done using some Android native components and they are very slow when a lot of text is highlighted. I’m working on improving that. Right now, it just highlights the visible part to stay smooth.

  22. Edson says :

    Can you give an exemple (video) where using an external command in a Tablet? Ex. Editing a C (or C++) program in the Tablet and compiling it in a server.

  23. jl640k says :

    Just upgraded to the latest pro version that adds SL4A integration – awesome! That was the one major feature on my wishlist.

    Is the list of keyboard shortcuts written down anywhere? Ctrl-A used to work as “go to start of line”, but since the last update, it now selects all the text in the file. Is there any way of changing this behaviour?

    Thanks again for a superb editor!

    • droidedit says :

      The keyboard shortcut list is in the Play Store description. But I’m planning on allowing users to define their own shortcuts with some default settings.

  24. jglalalg says :

    How can i run my own commands? I don’t want to create a server or something similar for it. Is this possible right now? If yes, how? 🙂

    • droidedit says :

      You need to be connected to a SFTP server to run external commands.

      • jglalalg says :

        How can I do this? I want to have all my code files on my phone. Do you suggest downloading another app which represents this server? I just want to f** run my code, that can’t be so hard! 😉

  25. frcoder says :

    I use DroidEdit to edit perl scripts. I have upload it to server by ftp and after run receive 500 error in browser. Anybody know how DroidEdit upload file, in text or binary mode? I want to have a ‘\n’ as newline, not ‘\r\n’.
    Can you help me?

    • droidedit says :

      Binary mode and it uses “\n” as newline separator. I don’t see how DroidEdit could be the culprit in that situation. Do you still have that problem?

      • frcoder says :

        Yes, I still have this problem.

        1) create test.pl (using DroidEdit)
        use strict;
        print “Content-type: text/html\n\n”;
        print “test”;
        2) save it on local storage.
        3) check file size (use AnyFTP) – 78bytes.
        4) upload it fo FTP server (AnyFTP)
        5) check file size (AnyFTP)- 78bytes.
        6) open file from FTP via DroidEdit
        7) modify last string (write “test1”)
        8) save to FTP
        9) check size (AnyFTP) – 82 bytes.

        I have added 1 symbol “test” -> “test1”, file size increased by 1 byte, finally I should have 79 bytes, but i have +3 bytes (79+3=82). look at the file, he contain 4 lines (3 newlines).

        When I save file on local storage – DroidEdit works fine.
        But if I upload it via DroidEdit FTP, I have a trouble.

        DroidEdit is a very good programm and I beleive you will help me 😉

  26. Walter Burt says :

    I just bought DroidEdit for my Motorola Droid 4 phone. It has a slide-out physical keyboard. I find that typing the ‘a’ key on this keyboard does a “select all” in DroidEdit, instead of entering an “a” character. If I exit DroidEdit and start it up again, some times the ‘a’ key will work fro a few keystrokes, but it soon reverts to the irritating behavior. This makes the editor pretty much unusable for me. The ‘a’ key works OK in other programs, such as win entering this comment. Also the virtual ‘a’ key works all right, but the virtual keyboard covers up most of the code.. Help?

    • droidedit says :

      I had other users with the same problem and they solved it by either restarting DroidEdit or restarting their phones/tablets. Not sure why it happens but seems to happen only after first install and only in very rare occasions.

  27. John says :

    Great app!

    Is there any change that Matlab (.m extension) will be supported in the future?

  28. Will says :

    Hello there,

    I’m currently expeiencing problems browsing certain folders when connecting through sftp – the only error I’m receiving is “unknown error.”
    Any idea what can be going on here, or a method of getting a debug log out of Droidedit to diagnose the problem?


    • droidedit says :


      Is there anything peculiar about those directories? Spaces or any kind of strange characters?
      Have you tried accessing them with other apps? Could it be a permission problem.

      Is the problem consistent? Meaning, does it happen all the time and in the same directories? Or does it sometimes work?

      • Will says :


        The problem is consistent yes, it’s always the same folder I’m experiencing this with, I can browse and access files 3 directories deep, but any deeper and the unkown error occurs.
        Permissions are drwxrresponse.hich works fine from desktop sftp and terminals.
        Furthermore, no illegal characters or spaces are used anywhere in the directory paths (which in this instance happens to be 4 deep, all folder names are <6 characters long).

        Thanks for the rapid response

        • Will says :

          Sorry, permissions should read as:


          Stupid tablet keyboard corrections…

  29. MrMeteo says :

    French deception

    I’ve done complete French translation (302 words) and today version
    stay with same basic errors on main menu item as these:
    “Save as” is is translated as “Enregistrer sous#8230”
    “Options” is the same in French, but also “Options#8230”
    What is this??? If you don’t use those 302 words I’ve done…
    at minimum CORRECT THESE ANNOYING #8230 added!!!!!
    (As you know there is no translation problem, just an “&” to add before 8230!!)

    A Paid user

    • droidedit says :


      I saw you corrected those mistakes in getlocalization but, as there are several French translators, you also have to delete the incorrect translation or else when I download the french file I will get a semi-random mix of both translations. Anyway, I think corrected the problem and will upload a new version very shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • MrMeteo says :


        I verified twice French translation and added all needed characters
        (like \’) and I’m real sure of it! When ok I’ve just confirmed (thumb button)
        It looks like other translator is anglophones talking French. I’m a French
        Quebecer (Canada). French translation is now 100% done!!

        • MrMeteo says :


          Finally, #8230 display error solved in this morning version!!
          (was mentioned by other in Google play comments last month)

          Hope completed French translation included soon too! ;=)


  30. MrMeteo says :


    I’ve found a little “bug” in translation, this english phrase:

    “Always open .$extension$ files as $language$?.”

    Translated as this:

    “Toujours ouvrir les fichiers .$extensions$ en tant que $language$ ?”

    $languages$ var is replaced by the language name pointed,
    but, $extensions$ stay $extensions$ and don’t show value of this variable.


  31. Brickfan says :

    Love the ‘expand xml’ option. Does it support using ‘lorem’ to auto generate Lorem Ipsum filler text, like Emmet?

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